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  Hello Everyone,
Well, this is a new adventure for me!
I thought it was fun and exciting to write a book, print a book, self-publish an ebook and to sell a few – no, I have actually completed my Goodreads’ author profile! How clever am I? Just joking, it’s not difficult.And I’ve arranged a giveaway of 3 copies of ‘When the Clocks Stopped’. This is very scary – what if no-one wants one? At the time of writing it has mostly 5* good reviews on Amazon, but so have many other books!
When The Clocks Stopped (Mysterious Marsh)
When The Clocks Stopped

‘When the Clocks Stopped’ is the first in the Mysterious Marsh Series and I have just completed the final edit of the next in the series which is entitled ‘When the Tide Turned‘.

I’m hoping to organise a pre-release giveaway of ‘When the Tide Turned’ in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space.

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