Where Truth and Imagination Impact

Huge thanks to Virginia KingAuthor of the Selkie Moon Mysteries for publishing this as a guest post on her blog   Have you noticed? In true life, things happen. And then life goes on as if they hadn’t happened at all. I once took a creative writing course and was...

Amber Foxx’s Interview with M.L. Eaton: Part 1

I mentioned a fascinating book that breaks many of them, When the Clocks Stopped by M.L. Eaton. This mystical mystery takes place in the village of Rype-on Marsh in the south of England. Lawyer Hazel Dawkins is anticipating some peaceful time off before the birth of her first child. When she agrees to a little part-time work, she finds herself drawn into troubling events in the lives of her clients—and in the past. The distant past. Mysteriously, she encounters Annie, a woman who lived more than two centuries ago when Rype-on Marsh was a violent place, dominated by gangs of smugglers. With multiple layers of both time and crime, it’s an amazing and original tale. I