When lawyer Hazel Dawkins decides to write a few wills while waiting for the imminent birth of her first child, little does she anticipate the dramatic events that her decision will set in train. But all too soon the dark and violent past collides with the sun-warmed present and Hazel finds herself pitted against an implacable ancient evil that has stalked the mysterious Romney Marsh for centuries.

As she fights with every fibre of her to right a great wrong, she knows that her very life is at stake ­– and with it, the life of her unborn baby. Yet to succeed, she must also change the destiny of a young woman who lived 200 years previously – for Annie’s fate is interwoven with her own. And time is running out ….


August 1976, at the height of the Cold War, an oppressive heat is hanging over Romney Marsh. Hazel Dawkins is enjoying maternity leave when she is unexpectedly asked to return to work. Soon she finds herself swept up in evil and intrigue. As the past and present intertwine in a rising tide of horrifying events, she discovers that dark forces threaten her sanity, her family and the whole of England.

What is the mystery of the man pegged down to die on the incoming tide? And what is the true significance of a painting depicting a sudden storm at sea? Risking her life at every turn, Hazel has to uncover layers of ancient secrets if she is to avert a catastrophe that will destroy all that she holds dear.


As the winter of 1977 turns into a beautiful spring, feisty young property lawyer, Hazel Dawkins, is unexpectedly caught in a web of frightening criminal intrigue that threatens the lives of herself and her family. Not only that, she finds herself ensnared in tragic events that occurred 1700 years earlier in a Britain ruled by the Roman Gallic Empire. There, she confronts the power of the cult of Mithras as it wars with the Old Religion.

In the midst of an earthquake that shatters the fabric of both time and place, entangling worlds separated by nearly two millennia, Hazel strives to reconcile the ancient past with the present and to discover the meaning of forces that are seemingly beyond her understanding.


‘A highly enjoyable legal mystery suspense – clear proof that the UK has writers in this field who can take on and match John Grisham. Looking forward to the next one!’

‘When the Clocks Stopped is an intriguing multi-layered mystery told in an energetic style.’

‘This is good fun to read. It is an exciting whodunit and historical novel all rolled into one.’

‘Very easy to read, one of those books you can’t put down.’

‘I found this book enjoyable and intriguing. I loved all the twists and turns of the storyline.’


‘When The Tide Turned written by M. L. Eaton is a page turning thriller that hooks it’s audience with historical accuracy while adding in a touch of the supernatural, cloak and dagger mystery bringing them all together in a riveting thriller.’

‘Quite simply this is an addicting read.’

‘An evocative tale of intrigue, terrifying mystery and love.’

‘I found it difficult to put the book down. It had me on tenterhooks throughout.’

‘A real page turner! It is a pleasure to find a thriller that uses the English language so well.’


‘A complex plot handled with great confidence and competence. Great writing.’

‘Truly an amazing story that I have enjoyed thoroughly. I love love love the way you drew everything together and finished off with a profoundly beautiful epilogue. You have a gift that you have chosen to share with me and others. I consider myself fortunate.’

‘Lovely wind down to the end. I have enjoyed this story so much. I think it’s wonderful. You make the incredible credible.’

‘I found it fascinating and was completely absorbed by it and would really recommend it.’

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