A book of meditations for the seven chakras


LET YOUR ENERGY FLOW. Learn about subtle energy and the chakra system.

This meditation book introduces a simple way of experiencing the chakras, those wonderful swirling centres of energy through which we communicate, almost imperceptibly, with the world about us.

Enjoy a relaxing, emotive journey of discovery as you connect more vibrantly with your vital energy centres and uncover their relevance to everyday life.

All the meditations are available as CDs in mp3 format from www.cdbaby.com.

In the hour-long version entitled Spinning into Form Marion’s calm, entrancing voice takes you on a journey through all the chakras.

The shorter, individual chakra meditations are contained in two albums entitled respectively Earth to Air and Ether to Spirit.

The meditations focus on the elements to which each of the seven major chakras relate. Starting from the base chakra, at the base of the spine, and working upwards these are:

  • EARTH (Base)
  • WATER (Sacral)
  • FIRE (Solar Plexus),
  • AIR (Heart),
  • ETHER (Throat),
  • LIGHT (Brow)
  • and SPIRIT (Crown).

“Beautiful book, magical meditations.”

” A beautifully written book. Even if you know nothing (or little) of the Chakras and/or meditation do give this a try. Marion writes from the heart and reminds us also of what is actually important in this life and what we really should be looking after.”

Beautifully clear and insightful”

“A beautifully accessible explanation as to the quantum nature of our existence and how this relates to our chakra system. The chakra meditations are explicit and illustrate just how easily we can all begin to take time to balance our inner selves.”

“The meditations are gentle and take into account that we cannot all just switch off from the usual hub-bub of life and are also short so that you do not feel that you have to “make time” for them – they easily fit in with your day. You should also try the CD/downloads which enhance the book as well.”

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